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ARIJIT SINGH - January 11, 2019

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LighTech  in collaboration with Speed Entertainment provided full audio visual production for one of the most renowned artist in India “Arijit Singh live with world musicians” in Dubai DWTC.


Considering the venue DWTC Arena, Head of lights and Design Team- Anugeeth Ashokan was in charge to design a set which was unique and never used before for this particular artist. “We had a task in our hands to create a fresh look and feel, as this was the Band’s opening show for the year 2019”, stated Anugeeth Ashokan. The venue was a massive 111m length and 72m width with an impressive trim height of 14m. “The stage design was created by our Design team and it spanned almost 38m covering the entire width of the hall. The stage itself measured around 24m wide and 12m deep accommodating around 20 artists." stated Production Manager, Jasper Nalli. The trussing solely consisted of Eurotruss HD34 truss spanning to approximately 300 metres across 72 rigging points with 72 Chainmaster D8 motors to fly the rig in position.

The lighting team deployed over 220 fixtures over the main stage including the ground package which mainly consisted of Martin Mac Aura, Martin Mac Axiom Hybrid, Martin Mac Viper Profile, Martin Mac Quantum Wash, Clay Paky Sharpy, and Martin 4-way Molefays. The control interface utilized were 2 MAlighting Grandma2 full size consoles main and back up. For data decentralization we used the MA NSP which was used to convert the incoming data into 512-A data and channel expansion. “The lighting designer from Arijit’s team was quite impressed with the output of the fixtures because of the unmatched color temperature range he got with Martin fixtures. It was a visual treat for the audience.” stated by Anugeeth Ashokan.

LighTech supplied 250 sqm LED screens of YES TECH P5 on the stage and a 60sqm of P2 for delay screens. These screens were controlled by the Head of Video, Yevgeniy Karyagin with Hippotizer V4 for operating the media content and graphics. Yevgeniy concluded, “The Screen installation was meticulously planned. Precision and quality were the two main factors taken into consideration during the show”. The team utilized four pcs. of Hippotizer V4 and a Lightware matrix switcher 8x8 HDMI 2.0 4K as their media servers and controller.

“We made sure that we’re able to tune the speakers to its best to have uniform SPL (sound pressure level) throughout the venue." concluded Head of Audio, Monty Vadakoot. The team had to patch almost 176 channels and 30 outputs with IEMs and monitors. The FOH consisted of two Soundcraft Vi7000 consoles with outboard processors while the BOH consisted of Soundcraft Vi7000 and an Avis S6L 64/32 consoles that has a total input of 172 channels. The team also supplied Vibraphone, Marimba, Concert Lo Drum, Pearl Cajon, Yamaha Grand Piano and Upright Piano for the special backline that were supported by the microphones which are DPA, Shure, Senheisser, AKG, Audix, Nuemann, BSS and Radial DI.

“From technical planning to execution, The Event was a huge success and has added another feather in our cap. We are dedicated to continue with the same determination and hard work in our future endeavors.” Concluded Pedro Quaresma (CEO of LighTech).

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